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The death of Henry McCabe has remained a mystery for over 4 years.  Cyberhacker Gregory Evans is ready to tell an intriguing, twisted story that just might lead to the killer. A story only he can tell…

In 2015, 32-year old Henry McCabe was a married man with two kids living in Mound View, Minnesota. By all accounts, he was dealing with work problems, depression and a very jealous and dangerous wife.

On Labor Day evening of that year, Henry and his friend William Kennedy were throwing back drinks together at a local Minnesota night club. According to William, he dropped Henry off at a gas station close to his house around 2am. This was the last time that anyone would see Henry McCabe alive according to his family and the police.

But this is not true.

Approximately a week after Henry was reported missing, his wife Kareen called Gregory Evans, who runs a hi-tech investigation company called The company is in the business of performing various types of high-tech investigations. Missing persons cases being among them.

Kareen sounded so heartbroken that the love of her life was missing.  She told Gregory she was in California when Henry disappeared and was still there. She wanted to engage Hacker-For-Hire services since she felt that the police were not doing enough to find him. She wanted to know if they could “ping” his cellphone and use all forms of investigative technology to find her husband.

It was not more than 48 hours after that call that Gregory Evans knew that something was not right.  His streets smarts, not computer smarts, told him Kareen wasn’t telling him everything.

As Gregory dug deeper, more information and facts started to be uncovered. Over 3 months of recorded conversations, emails, text messages, interviews with the Henry family members and the police, Gregory Evans knew that Kareen was lying.

What was she lying about?

  1. She did not have a loving relationship with her husband, but in fact was getting a divorce.
  2. She was not in California at the time Henry came up missing but was in Minnesota on the very day of his disappearance.
  3. She installed spyware on Henry’s phone and was able to see all of his text messages, emails and track his location.
  4. Henry had taken Kareen off his life insurance policy, but it was changed back the week he disappeared. The signature was not Henry’s signature.
  5. Kareen had a previous relationship with man Henry was hanging out with that night and was the last person to see him, William Kennedy.

The mystery of what happened to Henry McCabe has never left the watchful eye of the press.  Outlets such as ABC News have reported on this story. But their source for information has been his wife. Kareen. Gregory Evans has over 30 hours of recorded conversations, text messages between Henry and Kareen, Henry’s GPS coordinate from his cell phone, recorded conversation with the family members, the police and the investigator on the case.  All of his information  contradicts EVERYTHING that has come out in the press. He has what all of the others do not…FACTS!